Eyewash Station 500ml

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Help to prevent permanent damage to someone's eyesight with this ready-to-use Sterowash station that can be easily mounted to the wall. It is required by law that any workplace environment that has hazardous substances should have eyewash stations installed and visibly available for any employee to use. This station is ideal in an emergency as it can flush out:

  • Sand and dust particles
  • Chemicals
  • Vapours given off by toxic chemicals


  • Wall-mount plate
  • 2 x Sterowash 500ml eyewash bottles
  • 2 x Sterile eye pads
  • Shatter-proof mirror
  • Instructions

Jangro has provided a shortened SDS info sheet called a H&S Summary sheet, this brings together the information about the product and Hazard Identification. Please download your required language below: